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More champions in Virginia!

The Virginia United Polo League continues its first season at full speed with their third consecutive month of competitive polo. Two more teams were crowned last weekend in the final matches of the USPA 8-Goal tournament and the 12-Goal Piper Cup.

The Piper Cup, which features a bull-dog in their cup, pitched Point to Point against Woodrow in the final match. P2P (Nelson Gunnel, Lucio Fernaìndez Ocampo, Santi Llavallol, Lucas Diìaz Alberdi) overpowered Woodrow (Chris Finlay, Nico Eurnekian, Costi Caset, Agustin Arellano) and won the match by 12-6. Santi Llavallol took the MVP award, while Costi Caset’s Chelo Naranja received the BPP award.

The USPA 8-Goal final was a bit closer, as Beverly (Will Ballhaus, Bill Ballhaus, Tolito Fernández Ocampo, Hilario Figueras) defeated Altair (Ashley Busch, Kylie Sheehan, Brandon Phillips y Mariano Gracida) 9-7. The young local player Will Ballhaus was the Most Valuable Player, and Beverly Nacar, played by Tolito Fernández Ocampo and owned by Cria Yatay was the BPP.

The Virginia United Polo League continues this week with more polo with the Open League, 8-Goal and USPA 12-Goal. 


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