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James Beh, 30 years developing polo in Malaysia

James Beh’s story with polo is quite particular. His family wasn’t involved in the sport and polo entered his life just by chance. “I started almost 30 years ago, supporting friends from the dying local Polo Club and subsequently I discovered the real fun and values for a family sport and the bonding with others.", James told CLICKPOLO.

Like many people, James fell immediately in love with polo and traveled the world searching for the best people to teach him. Salvador Socas, Adolfo Cambiaso’s brother, was his first teacher. A relationship that consolidated through the years as James played with Cambiaso this year in England, Spain and now in Argentina. While speaking with CLICKPOLO, James held the plate Lolo Castagnola gave to him in representation of the Argentine Polo Association after he made the decision to travel to Argentina and play the high goal season with his organization. A very nice character, James couldn't take away the smile from his face after seeing his son play the final match of the Abierto de San Jorge. A smile he will keep during the entire interview with CLICKPOLO. -James, how do you feel after playing in Palermo for the first time? "To play a 28-goal tournament in Palermo with the best players of the world, honestly, it created a lot of anxiety in me. I had played with them in England and Spain but this is another level."

-This must be a milestone for you and your organization. "I think I’m doing my bucket list at 65. To play the equivalent of PGA polo tournament. In polo they don’t use PGA but if I say that everyone will understand, they are the best tournaments in the world. I’m definitely doing this bucket list."

"To play a 28-goal tournament in Palermo with the best players of the world, honestly, it created a lot of anxiety in me"

-You scored 10 goals in two games, how did you feel after each match? "At 65 I think I’m all right! All my four children have played in Palermo in Field 1 or Field 2. I was the only one who hadn’t played yet and waited until I was 65. I’m lucky, God blessed me as I can still play polo and play here."

-You played with your son in Palermo, two Malaysian players playing in the Polo Cathedral. Where do you place BP Polo in Asia? "I don’t think we are the best organization but we have the highest handicap in South East Asia. If we made a team with my three sons, we would have 13 goals as I play 1 goal and they have 4 goals each. I don’t think there is another nonprofessional family with 13 goals. Even in Argentina if we talked of a nonprofessional family". -How does your season continue? "This is just the beginning! We will continue playing here for the next couple of months. I hope my body can take it. I am having physio sessions every day. They are making a very good business with me!."


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