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Joevy Beh returns to Palermo

Fifteen years later, Joevy Beh returned to Palermo. When he was a kid, Joevy won the Potrillos Cup and later played the Masters Cup too. But now, the Malaysian player had to step up to take part in the 28 goal Abierto de San Jorge, the first tournament of the high goal season in Argentina. The 32 years old player is experiencing one of the best seasons in his life after playing the high goal season in England and now continuing in Argentina, where he will take part in the Copa Municipalidad and the Cámara de Diputados, the most important tournaments of the world after the Argentine Triple Crown. As a direct consequence of the pandemic, Joevy couldn’t return to Malaysia for over half a year but he took advantage of this situation to play with and against some of the best players of the world. He currently has 4 handicap goals and showed great polo skills despite facing players like Barto Castagnola and Poroto Cambiaso in the final match of the Abierto de San Jorge in Palermo.

"I would like to continue to play competitive polo. I haven’t played in America yet in the high goal and it would be nice to have a team there"

Fifteen years later you return to Palermo. How do you feel? It was really nice to play an open tournament here. It is a bit different because the speed is even faster, the horses are transformed and everyone’s organization improves. The AAP organization also improves everything. It wasn’t the result that I expected but I had a lot of fun today and everything went well. We played against an excellent team which is also very fun too. You must be very tired after such an exhausting match Actually, I’m okay. I’m used to running full marathons so I’m quite fit. I play golf, do cycling, scuba diving, swimming. I consider myself to be an outdoor person.

When do you play polo? This year has been a bit different as I’ve been out of my country for over half a year. Due to the COVID situation, it's quite difficult to return to Malaysia. Travelling is restricted and I’m very happy the Argentine Association, La Dolfina and especially Adolfo Cambiaso have helped us getting everything organized here in Argentina. And how is polo in Malaysia now? Sadly, due to the COVID situation, there hasn’t been much polo for the past year and a half. Everything is sort of locked down over there. Polo is growing but not as fast as what I would except. The Association needs to promote polo more, especially for the younger people. I think there might be over 200 registered players but active maybe 20 to 30 players at the moment.

What do you think when you look at the board and see you played against the best players in the world? I’m lucky enough that I played against them in England but this is a different level of polo. If you ask me which is the best country to play of course I will choose Argentina because everything is right. Also, the weather permits it unlike many other countries where wheatear is very unpredictable. They are very good, they play the whole year around so every tournament is just like a practice for the Argentine players.

You played the high goal in England and now in Argentina. What is your next goal as a player and for the organization? I would like to continue to play competitive polo. I haven’t played in America yet in the high goal and it would be nice to have a team there. We will also continue to play in Europe, maybe in England or in France as my horses are in France right now. How does your season continue in Argentina? This is just the beginning; we will play the Jockey Club too against the same players and we will also play the Municipalidad and the Camara too!


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