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The Kentucky Cup is growing

Hutton Goodman

A passion that ignited at the age of 15

“I started playing polo when I was 15-years old, after my uncle invited me down to watch his 26-goal. I watched with Joe Berry and he said at the end of the game: “You know, you could do this.” I started playing the next week.”

Speaking is Hutton Goodman about his start in polo. Since, he has gone on to participate in many important tournaments. “I have played a lot of tournaments over the years. Among them the US Open, all of the 26-goal season and the 20-goal season, the East Coast Open, Texas Open, and Fancourt Cup Invitational.”

Faraway Team

To Goodman, the Kentucky Cup is special because he is the host as well. “It is not a real club, it is our farm, and we invite our friends to come and play in a 14-goal in September. Many great teams have come to play over the years, such as Orchard Hill, Crab Orchard, White Birch, Isla Carroll, Riverview, Altaris, Hillcroft, WM, and Port Mayaca.”

Finally, regarding American polo, Goodman opines: “Polo in the USA is a little complicated this year with Covid-19, as a lot of teams do not want to travel. However, we still had a great tournament this year, with a lot of very competitive games.”


Jackson Woodward

Almost 40 years in polo

“I started playing polo at Broadacres in Oklahoma in the early 80s, with my Dad and brother. Bob Moore and John Smicklas ran the club, both gentlemen.”

Jackson Woodward has a special history in polo that included both university and professional play: “I played at UVA, then professionally after college for a year or so, and then went to work. While at UVA, I played on a collegiate all-star team that travelled to play in Argentina. That was a great trip and great experience.”


That is where his involvement with the sport temporarily stopped. “I was out of polo for about 15 years and started playing again about six years ago. One of the main reasons I returned to polo is how much I enjoy raising and training young horses. At my farm in Kentucky we are breeding and starting all of our own horses. I am a big believer in Monte Roberts’ training methods and being with our babies is really important to us. Chad Middendorf and I partner on all of our babies. In fact, one of our homebreds was just sold to Magoo Laprida. So, the horses and training are what excites me most these days about polo.”

Woodward also has a clear outlook about the present lack of manners in American polo: “Polo in the USA in the 80s and 90s was more open and the behavior on the field was better. I prefer open, fast polo, and people who are good sports and gentlemen on the field. Some of that has been lost in my opinion”.


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