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An invincible Pilot

The Iglehart Cup is the second last 20-goal tournament in the International Polo Club. The tournament named in honor of the Hall of Famer Phillip L.B. Iglehart had a very strong contender from beginning to end: Pilot, led by patron Curtis Pilot, with the talent of Gonzalito and Facundo Pieres and the support of a young Timmy Dutta.

The final, played on Thursday March 15th, was against La Indiana (Michael Bickford, Toro Ruiz, Facundo Obregón and Jeff Hall), who they had already defeated 12-3 in the qualifying stage. The final, however, was much closer, with Pilot only leading 7-6 at half-time. In the following few minutes, the Piereses managed to show their solid game, taking a three goal lead (10-7), with a single chukker left. La Indiana managed to score twice, bringing the difference to a single goal, but a penalty from Facu near the end managed to give Pilot the final 11-9 in their fourth win of the tournament. Gonzalito Pieres' "So Easy" won the BPP, while Tito Ruiz won the MVP award.

The subsidiary Glenn Hart Cup's final had Prestige Worldwide (Will Johnston, Stevie Orthwein, Miguel Novillo Astrada and Felipe Viana replacing Carlucho Arellano) defeating Postage Stamp Farm (Annabelle Gundlach, Brandon Phillips, Mariano Aguerre and Kris Kampsen) by 12-9.

courtesy USPA

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