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Ladies in Port Mayaca

The Tabebuia Women's is a tournament for teams up to 16 goals, with 4 teams participating at the Port Mayaca Polo Club. After the semifinals were held on Thursday 22, the Florida Club hosted the final on Saturday 25, between San Saba (Dawn Laurel Jones, Clarissa Echezarreta, Alison Poor and Rileigh Tibott) and Michelob/Crossfit El Cid (Nicole Watson, Malia Bryan, Cecelia Cochran and Tiffany Busch), with three out of the four girls having played with the all-American Santa María de Lobos that made it to the finals of the first Ladies' Argentine Open.

The match was very close, with Michelob/Crossfit El Cid managing to have a small lead before the fourth and last chukker, but Dawn Jones managed to score two goals to give her team the victory by 4-3, all while riding Chispita, the mare that would later win the Best Playing Pony award. Clarissa Echezarreta was picked as the MVP.

In the consolation final, Team Icon Global (Olivia Uechtritz, Slaney O’Hanlon, Courtney Asdurian and Julia Steiner) barely managed to defeat Dream Ride (Jennifer Williams, Malicia Von Falkenhausen, Meghan Shader Jumet, Maureen Brennan) by 6-5.5.

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