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"It's a huge mistake to lower the 26-goal cap on Cups"

Adolfo Cambiaso always speaks his mind. He just won the Ylvisaker Cup with Valiente, which is big news. However, he also will start playing the CV Whitney with Valiente, and with Facundo Pieres as teammate no less. It might be the last time this tournament is played at this level. Adolfito spoke with CLICKPOLOUSA about it, being clear with his thoughts: "The 26-goal Cups in the US should not be lowered, they are going to ruin all 20-goal tournaments. It's a huge mistake."

Cambiaso spoke about what may happen in 2019. "Bob Jornayvaz and the Ganzi will still play 26-goal, in private leagues, and won't play in the Club anymore. They have decided that much. I like playing the 26-goal, personally. The US has the highest level after Argentina, and that shouldn't change. I think lowering the highest level to 20 or 22 goals is simply stupid. We need to demolish the myth that American polo is doing badly. It's doing better and better, there are more patrons every year."

Adolfito and Jornayvaz have a strong bond both on and off the field. Every title for Jornayvaz is also special for Adolfito. "Last year we won the American Triple Crown, and that was very special for Bob. In Argentina, we won the San Jorge Open, with its finals in Palermo, and the Jockey Open. Now, we’ve won the Ylvisaker with Valiente for the first time. Winning anything with Valiente makes me happy, because of Bob and the organization."

Adolfo Cambiaso, speaking loud and clear on and off his field.

"If I played against the top two, I would be even more motivated"

There are many people speaking against the new Valiente formation that seems almost unbeatable at 26-goals, with Cambiaso and Facundo Pieres together (plus Tommy Beresford and Bob or Robert Jornayvaz depending on the tournament). Adolfito was clear: "I disagree with those who say that there is no motivation if Facundo and I play together. On the contrary; I think that all of the teams playing against us will be even more motivated to try to defeat us both at once. If I played against the top two, I would be even more motivated."

Cambiaso also spoke about the present state of American polo: "American polo has been growing and keeps growing. For example, this year the Gold Cup will have Sapo Caset playing with Aguerre and Lusarreta, there are new teams constantly on the go. I think the US Open will probably have 5 or 6 teams, which is more than enough, you don't need more than 5 or 6 teams to have a good tournament, and then you don't ruin the 20 or 22 goal levels. Here, people play with 6 teams in the International Palm Beach Polo Club, but there are many more outside playing medium, low and high handicap polo... there is polo everywhere."

To Adolfito, the only thing that damages the sport is the constant changes: "What is ruining the sport is the unceasing rule changes. That is really a bummer. I think adults should share their opinion less, it looks like it's only the elders wanting to come back and play with the new rules."

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