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"Polo in Pakistan is growing a lot"

Polo players from all around the world in Asia

Asia hosts many polo players from different parts of the world every year. Sometimes it's to play a tournament. Some stay for a few weeks. And a group of them spends most of their time on the continent.

Ernesto Trotz jr. is a part of the last group. He spends part of the year in Pakistan, a destination with a long history in polo.

This is what he said about it: "My story in Pakistan started two years ago when I was playing in Europe. I started talking with people from the country because they wanted to host their season between November and March. I wanted to be a part of it, and set that goal for myself, got in touch with people from Pakistan. I spoke with the Military team and we came to an agreement. However, I had an injury and it had to be delayed. Then, during the 2019-2020 season, a friend of mine Ramiro Zavaleta gave me a contact and recommended me to the patrons of the team Barry's, Nafees Barry and Jamil Barry, whom he played for a few years ago. Excellent people, with great people skills. A really top family."

-So that is how you started playing in Pakistan? "Yes, I ended up going there, playing the whole season in Lahore, and had a great time, they treated me very well. It was amazing. We played the 8 goal, and I ended up staying to play the 12 goal. For this year, they changed it back up to 14 goals, with new teams. It will probably go great!"

-How is the season over there? "The season goes from November until the end of March. They host the 8 goal Cups in November and December, they are one-week tournaments, except for the Open, which is a very important tournament and lasts two weeks. They play every other day. Then, from January until the end, they play the 14 Goals, 4 or 5 Cups that last one or two weeks. The 8 Goal Cups are amazing, it's very fun to have one-week tournaments, you have a good chance to win and there are several tournaments. And when you lose you have a chance to win the next Cup very soon, so it's very competitive. -And from there they go to 14 Goals, which is a very good level... "Exactly, the 14-Goal will be great this year. I've heard a lot of players from the high goal are going to participate. It's going to be very competitive and a lot of fun. Polo in Pakistan is growing a lot."

-How is your day to day in Pakistan? "My experience has been great thanks to the Barry family. They hosted me in a guest room in their own house, and I stayed there throughout the entire season. I spent my days with them, with their family, it was very comfortable. We spent a lot of time on the stables, which is inside their country house. We talked a lot, about work and life, and bonded in a very good manner. I'm going back this year, and I will stay to play the 14-goal as well. I will arrive on October 13th, and will stay until the end of March. -And beyond polo? "I spent most of my time in the country hose, focused on polo. If I wanted to go somewhere, Lahore has anything you could want, shoppings, restaurants, movie theaters... I visited them all, always with a driver. It is, honestly, very nice.


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